[SciPy-dev] RE: f2py and NO_APPEND_FORTRAN

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Tue Oct 1 02:20:28 CDT 2002

> > On the AIX port, I'm having difficulty with underscores in the f2py
> > generated sources.... I'm not sure (within scipy) how to specify
> > that the C source (e.g. fblasmodule.c) should be compiled with
> > 
> > I have written a ibm_fortran_compiler for detecting xlf/xlF, but
> > that doesn't feed back to the C compilation step.

I'd suggest using


option for xlf. It is safer to have Fortran names ended with _ in
order to avoid possible name conflicts.

Another (but only if necessary, e.g. when using system Fortran
libraries that were compiled without -qextname) option would be to use

  python setup.py build_ext -DNO_APPEND_FORTRAN build

for building scipy.


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