[SciPy-dev] Are we using the latest ODEPACK?

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Tue Oct 1 05:26:14 CDT 2002

Hey group,

I got the following message a while back:

Hello Eric,

I was just told that SciPy includes a package of mine, ODEPACK, within
Python wrappers, and that the source of ODEPACK was Netlib. I am
delighted to hear this, but concerned about the version used. I recently
did a major upgrade to ODEPACK, with enhancements to both
the capabilities and portability.   The current version is available
from a website here,
(along with other ODE solvers of possible interest to SciPy users).

-Alan Hindmarsh

Are we using this version of ODEPACK, or an older one?  If we're using
an older one, do you think we should upgrade before trying to release
Will anyone volunteer to check into this and also what is involved with
the upgrade (if needed).

I'm inclined to but Pearu's fftpack2 in as fftpack for the new version
if it passes muster (looks like it is going to), so I'm happy to make
this upgrade also if you think it would go smoothly.  


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