[SciPy-dev] segfault during scipy.test(1) - Solaris 8, Sun compilers

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Oct 9 15:29:40 CDT 2002

    Pearu> I think you have different Numeric versions or old Numeric header
    Pearu> files lying in your system.  Note that in Numeric-22.0 the size
    Pearu> of PyArray_TYPES is 15 while in Numeric-21.0 it is 13. That may
    Pearu> explain the two additional pointer values that you see in
    Pearu> type_num and elsize above.

    Pearu> I suspect that when you upgraded Numeric, the new header files
    Pearu> did not get installed, possibly because of the well-know
    Pearu> distutils bug we have seen earlier...

Ah, that may be.  I am building multiple combinations of Scipy, Numeric, and
f2py in rotation.  I had been simply wiping out the directory tree before
each run.  I will have to go back to that for the time being.

    Pearu> PS: I assume that f2py tests were all ok on your platform. Is
    Pearu> that correct?
    >> I don't know.  I'm just building and installing f2py as part of a
    >> larger build of SciPy.  I don't even know how to run f2py's tests
    >> independently.

    Pearu> Once I explained it to you...

My apologies.  It must have reached escape velocity at some point and left
my neural atmosphere...


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