[SciPy-dev] shape_base questions

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Oct 18 13:03:26 CDT 2002

> Hi! I was taking a look to the 'shape_base.py' file, and I've got a couple of
> questions/suggestions:
> - 'apply_over_axes' won't work, since it cannot find SequenceType on line 15.
> SequenceType was defined in stats/rv2.py and stats/stats.py, where
> 'apply_over_axes' is used. I suggest to move the definition

I didn't realize shape_base.py was using these functions.

These two functions were created to handle converting stats.py to scipy
style.  I don't believe they have ever been "standardized"

We should look at this, though.

-Travis O.

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