[SciPy-dev] assert_approx_equal in testing.py [Was: Testing stats.py]

Louis Luangkesorn lluang at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 31 16:07:12 CST 2002

--- Travis Oliphant <oliphant at ee.byu.edu> wrote:
> > Travis
> >
> > 1. check_kurtosis changed
> > 2. check_2d error
> >
> Thanks for the help.  I'm including these tests in the CVS
> tree, today.
> But, I first have to correct errors I'm getting with them...
Oops, I think this may be my fault. Their is a problem in the
unittesting functions. The attached def assert_approx_equal()
belongs in \scipy_base\testing.py to replace the version that
was there previously.  The previous version does not handle 0 or
negative numbers well (I say that as the person who wrote the
original version.  Note, this version of the function has not
been tested in any systematic way.)

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