[SciPy-dev] special.cdflib questions

Christopher Fonnesbeck cjf at fonnesbeck.net
Tue Sep 3 08:10:49 CDT 2002

I am curious about the cdflib fortran modules in the special
subdirectory of scipy: Why are there so many arguments for each
distribution?  For example, if I want to call cdfbin to calculate a
parameter of a binomial distribution, I should not need to supply BOTH p
and q=1-p ... also, the status and bound arguments seem like something
you would have returned to you, rather than passed to the function. How
would I know the status of the calculation before its calculated? 
Finally, none of the cdf's seem to return any values, despite what the
inline comments say.  I am obviously way confused about this code, so I
am hoping someone out there can set me straight.

Christopher J. Fonnesbeck 
Georgia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
University of Georgia 
Athens, GA 30602
cjf {at} fonnesbeck.net

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