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Christopher Fonnesbeck cjf at fonnesbeck.net
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Thanks for the reply,

I was looking to use that code from python to generate rv's, but without
the rest of Scipy (havent been able to get the whole thing to work).  I
have successfully compiled them with f2py, but was confused about the
arguments.  It seems to want ALL of the arguments, as well as seemingly
redundant ones (e.g. q=1-p as well as p), and doesnt return values. 
This is what has me confused.


On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 12:17, Travis Oliphant wrote:
> > I am curious about the cdflib fortran modules in the special
> > subdirectory of scipy: Why are there so many arguments for each
> > distribution?  For example, if I want to call cdfbin to calculate a
> > parameter of a binomial distribution, I should not need to supply BOTH p
> > and q=1-p ... also, the status and bound arguments seem like something
> > you would have returned to you, rather than passed to the function. How
> > would I know the status of the calculation before its calculated?
> > Finally, none of the cdf's seem to return any values, despite what the
> > inline comments say.  I am obviously way confused about this code, so I
> > am hoping someone out there can set me straight.
> >
> First, if you are interested in the cdflib library itself it is available
> on the net.  It is not SciPy-written code.  We have a particular interface
> to the cdflib library tailored for SciPy.
> Is there a particular reason you need to use the fortran interface?
> Most of the cdflib functions are written as subroutines where you can
> obtain any of the arguments given all the other arguments.  Thus, for
> example, the same subroutine is used to calculate the cdf and the inverse
> of the cdf.
> Good luck,
> -Travis
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