[SciPy-dev] test error on Solaris using Sun's compilers

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Wed Sep 11 16:03:27 CDT 2002

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>     >> I installed SciPy on a Solaris machine using Sun's C and
>     >> compilers (hint for the unwary: this was *not* a
>     >> exercise).
>     Pearu> (I hope that you will contribute your solutions also to
> I'm still trying to figure out just what I've done. ;-) Note, though
> I'm doing this work for Enthought, so there is a fairly good chance
> anything
> I manage to fix will get folded back into SciPy. ;-)

You can read this as "will get folded back in."  Skip has cvs access and
will be checking in any necessary changes that don't need review by the
"numeric geeks."

>     >> I manually executed the code in scipy.stats.morestats.shapiro,
> got
>     >> different results from the statlib.swilk call.  On the Sun I
>     ...
>     Pearu> It looks like the test codes need a fix, maybe decimal-=1.
> I will submit a patch.

Things like this we'll need to help out with to make sure they make
numerical sense.


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