[SciPy-dev] Major CVS changes to weave

Fernando Perez fperez at pizero.colorado.edu
Fri Sep 13 11:57:27 CDT 2002

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Pat Miller wrote:

> My work that Eric was alluding to was a compiled alternative to the
> blitz++
> module that works like:
> from compilation.numeric import compiler
> ...
> compiler()
> a = b + c*d - 3
> end_compiler()
> ...
> instead of weave.blitz('a = b+c*d-3',[a])


> This is wicked fast (both in terms of compilation time < 1 sec and
> runtime).
> For Pearu's LaPlace example, I get 900-1800X speedup over the original
> Python with Numeric arrays --- equivalent to hand-written C.

And we will have access to this when? Please oh please :) I'm supposed to do 
some C/Fortran/Python benchmarking to convince my boss that we _can_ use 
python for most of our new code (fast algorithms development) --at least for 
the prototyping and the higher level logic, of course. I'm kind of holding 
back and keeping under his radar b/c I'd like to have access to these 
improvements before I do the testing. I _really_ don't want to have to end up 
writing fortran code.

So you would have at least one eternally grateful user out there if this makes 
it into the wild.



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