[SciPy-dev] Re: [Scipy-cvs] CVS update: world/scipy/scipy_distutils/command

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Tue Sep 17 08:22:27 CDT 2002

Hi Skip,

Few comments about Sun compiler support:

1) Does anyone have idea how many different Sun Fortran are there
available? If there are many, then it is fine to introduce new compiler
classes, may be something like the following:


that have appropiate ver_match strings and *different* vendor attributes.

2) f90 should not have -fixed option specified as scipy_distutils should
be able to compile also Fortran 90 free format sources, even if currently
there are any F90 sources in Scipy. Note that there are f2py users that
wrap F90 free format codes to Python. 

If your system does not have f77 command (that under Sun should be kinda
"alias" to `f90 -fixed`) then specify fc = 'f90 -fixed' (though, I doubt
that there is a real need for that).

3) Did you check that calling self.find_lib_dir() is really
Usually, using f77 or f90 as a linker will take care of specifying
proper library directories. The same comment goes to items
in self.libraries list.


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