[wxPython] RE: [SciPy-dev] Announce: First installable version of Chaco plotting toolkit is now available

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Mon Sep 23 15:09:30 CDT 2002

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     Skip> I poked around for "__ti7wxEvent".  All I found were a couple undefined
>     Skip> references:
>     Skip> ./wxPython/build/temp.linux-i686-2.3/helpers.o
>     Skip> U __ti7wxEvent
>     Skip> ./wxPython/build/temp.linux-i686-2.3/dynamicsash.o
>     Skip> U __ti7wxEvent
>     Robin> I've just tried exactly what you did above on my Mandrake 8.2
>     Robin> system with Python 2.2 and it works fine.
> What file defines wxEvent?  You must surely have a .o file which defines it
> as an exportable symbol.

It should be in wxGTK in src/common/event.cpp (build/event.o).

>     Robin> One possibility -- since the wxPython build gets its compiler
>     Robin> flags and etc. from Python's build via distutils -- is that there
>     Robin> is some flag conflicting with wxGTK's build that has changed with
>     Robin> Python 2.3.  I'd be interested in seeing a copy of a compile
>     Robin> commandline for one of the sources from the wxGTK build and
>     Robin> another one from the wxPython build.
> An example from (wxPython's internal) wxGTK with the no_rtti and
> no_exceptions flags set:

These look okay.

>     Robin> Another possibility is that it may be fixed simply by disabling
>     Robin> rtti and/or exceptions in the wxGTK build.  You can try adding
>     Robin> the following flags and then rebuilding all of wxGTK and
>     Robin> wxPython:
>     Robin>      --enable-no_rtti
>     Robin>      --enable-no_exceptions
> Just tried that.  Running wxPython/demo/demo.py now yields:
>     Traceback (most recent call last):
>       File "demo.py", line 3, in ?
>         import Main
>       File "Main.py", line 15, in ?
>         from   wxPython.wx import *
>       File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/wxPython/__init__.py", line 20, in ?
>         import wxc
>     ImportError: /usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/wxPython/wxc.so:
>     undefined symbol: Eof__C13wxInputStream
> which c++filt reports as
>     wxInputStream::Eof(void) const
> The original __ti7wxEvent symbol is no longer to be found anywhere (defined
> or referenced).  

Right, it shouldn't be since you built without RTTI.

> Eof__C13wxInputStream is referenced from
> ./wxPython/build/temp.linux-i686-2.3/helpers.o. 

I don't see anyway that a whole method could get lost...

> Ah, wait a minute.  I see a likely candidate for the screwup:
>     % type c++
>     c++ is /usr/local/bin/c++
>     % c++ --version
>     3.0.4
>     % type gcc
>     gcc is /usr/bin/gcc
>     % gcc --version
>     2.96
> Does mix-n-match across GCC versions strike you as a plausible reason for
> the errors?  

...except for this.  It's likely that the C++ symbol names are getting 
mangled differently by the different compiler versions and the one 
symbol reported by the import exception is just the first one found.

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