[SciPy-dev] Progress being made on Chaco Linux problem

David C. Morrill dmorrill at enthought.com
Tue Sep 24 10:41:16 CDT 2002

> Is that the same reason why I got the tracebacks that I sent to the
> list?
>  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.1/site-packages/kiva/wxcore2d.py", line 167,
in d
> evice_update_line_state
>     pen.SetDashes(list(pattern.astype(int)))
> ValueError: type must be either a 1-length string, or a python type object

I don't believe it is the same error, but I'm not sure. I have not seen this
error yet myself when testing on Linux.

> Please let us know if you need us to checkout a CVS copy and play with
> a newer version.

I haven't fixed or changed anything yet. Every change I've tried so far
works just as poorly :-(
But I will post once I've made any additional progress, include CVS

Dave Morrill

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