[SciPy-dev] Re: [Scipy-chaco] ANN: Job posting -- developer position available

delphiro delphiro at zonnet.nl
Fri Aug 15 15:24:02 CDT 2003

Hi Eric,

> Ideal candidates will also demonstrate the following skills:
> - Use of the wxPython user interface library
> - Experience with Geophysics applications
> - Experience in the fields of statistics, linear algebra and
> calculus

How much closer can you get ;-)
Yes, I am a geotechnical engineer, yes I did work for GeoDelft (*the* company for geophysics in Holland and developers of the widly used MSerie (settlement, stability, foundations, groundwaterflow etc. etc.)), yes I have Python and 3+ years of programming experience (mostly Delphi and C++).. and yes.. uhm.. I do write English :-)

And most of all; my current project (eating up my spare time) http://pyciv.sourceforge.net is a 'geophysical' project. I never thought anyone else would think of writing a geophysical tool with Python.

But then... No.. I do not live anywhere near Austin..

Why do these things only happen in the USA :-)

Good luck with the candidates,

ps. I realy hope your application will be open source. It is about time we get some good open source engineering tools.
pps. Thanks for chaco and scipy. I use them in pyciv and they make calculations easy and graphical output of the results look very smooth indeed. 

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