[SciPy-dev] An attempt to get Weave working on OSX

Robert Kern rkern at ucsd.edu
Fri Dec 26 16:16:35 CST 2003

On Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 01:25:48PM -0800, Aza Raskin wrote:
> I am attempting to get weave to work on OSX? and Linux too (RH 9)?  
> however I am not able to get even the simplest weave.inline calls to  
> work. On my OSX, box I have Python 2.3 and gcc 3.1 with a working  
> version of wxPython On my Linux box, I have Python 2.3.3 and  
> gcc 3.2.2 with wxPython Both give this error (although this  
> particular message is from my OSX box):
> >>> import weave
> >>> weave.inline('1+1')
> What am I doing wrong?

The string you are passing is not valid C. Please reread the documentation.

>>> import scipy
>>> scipy.weave.inline("return_val = PyInt_FromLong(1+1);")

works fine on my Powerbook.

> -- Aza Raskin

Robert Kern
rkern at ucsd.edu

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