[SciPy-dev] complex-valued remez

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Feb 5 15:17:16 CST 2003

> Depends...
> I used the code I posted to design complex-hermitean filters,
> i.e., the filter coefficients were complex but the transfer
> function was real and arbitrary from zero the sampling frequency.
> The Remez code in sigtools will design filters whose transfer
> functions are symmetric or antisymmetric about the Nyquist frequency.
> The Remez code I posted can be made considerably more efficient for
> the special case of filter design. It was made for the general case.
> Chuck

I was going back to check on this code, and noticed that it is posted in
base64 encoding.

I'm not sure how to decode the file.

I would like to incorporate it into signal as a separate function.

Can you resend it in ascii format or tell me how to decode it?



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