[SciPy-dev] segmentation fault

baecker at physik.tu-dresden.de baecker at physik.tu-dresden.de
Tue Feb 18 06:37:36 CST 2003


with the current CVS version I get for scipy.test(10) after
a while

function f6

cc.bisect : 0.480
cc.ridder : 0.560
cc.brenth : 0.520
cc.brentq : 0.530

..zsh: 4347 segmentation fault  python

(Several lines before it says "TESTING SPEED".)

I managed to find the routine which produces the above
output (namely: scipy.optimize.test(),
apart from the segmentation fault ..., so that one
must occur afterwards.)

My question is:
  How can I find out which of the routines being tested
  leads to the segmentation fault?

  For example is there a way to make the testing more verbose
  in telling me what it is just about to test ?

(I tried to figure out which packages are included in the unit
test, but got lost quickly ...)

((In any case the reason for this fault has to do
with my installation/setup as on a different machine scipy just installs
fine ...))

Many thanks,


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