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SciPy is a general purpose library for scientific computing.  All of
these are principally graphing tools.

You're probably looking for the difference between them and Chaco.
Generally, they are similar in that they all attack the problem of
scientific plotting.  The two main differences are that: 

(a) Chaco is designed to be platform independent so that it doesn't rely
on a specific windowing toolkit. 

(b) Chaco is designed to be used from within Python either from the
command line, from scripts, or embedded as a widget in a GUI

All the apps you mention are different in at least one respect from
Grace and SciGraphica are both extremely powerful stand-alone graphing
tools. We adopted the tree view for property dialogs idea after looking
at scigraphica.  I haven't looked at PyQwt very closely.

At some point I believe SciGraphica will actually be built as python
modules that can be used in the same way as Chaco for users on a
platform that supports GTK.  That will be a nice feature.

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> SciPy,
> How does SciPy compare to these two projects?  Opinions?
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