[SciPy-dev] RE: [Scipy-cvs] world/scipy/scipy_distutils/command build_flib.py,1.51,1.52 cpuinfo.py,1.6,1.7

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Mon Jan 6 17:47:57 CST 2003

> Update of /home/cvsroot/world/scipy/scipy_distutils/command
> In directory shaft:/tmp/cvs-serv4764/command
> Modified Files:
> 	build_flib.py cpuinfo.py 
> Log Message:
> Impl. cpuinfo for darwin platform. Fixed gnu compiler support 
> on darwin (no need for -lg2c) and impl. optimization hooks 
> for this platform. Clean up code. A 

> note: currently Fortran 
> compilers are used with architecture/machine dependent 
> optimization flags. We need a switch that turns off 
> architecture/machine dependent optimization flags (but 
> keeping generic optimization flags) when building 
> distributable scipy binaries.

I agree that this is going to be important -- especially when creating
the versions for download on the website.


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