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"Im talking about a trade so big, so perfect, so incredible that it could singlehandedly change your entire lifestyle..."  Trump Trading Report 

Searching for the "Big One"

I have been educating and helping individuals make insightful and strategic investment decisions for many years. Along with this brief introduction I have included some of the recent big moves that I have predicted, and their results. I have worked on these strategies for several years now trying to unlock the secrets that only the markets know. Coming to only one simple conclusion, I have found that everyone whom I have seen make it big, I mean really big seemed to hit that one home run, they had that one trade that just seemed to make them a fortune. These so called "Big Ones" have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Their elusiveness and mystique simply send chills down my spine. I'm not the only one, people everywhere seem to want the opportunity to hit it big just once. On the floor, we used to call it a "lifestyle trade", a trade so big, so perfect, so incredible that it could singlehandedly change your entire lifestyle. These are the opportunities I am talking about, these are the opportunities that are out there. Don't let people tell you they are not. I have seen them, I have felt them, I have watched them over the past several years change peoples lives. I have watched them buy exotic cars, build million dollar getaways, pay for college tuition's...All you have to do is find the right wave and ride it out. The money is there..., the markets are there..., it is all just sitting there waiting for you...,can you pick the right one???

Recent "Big Ones" 
Coffee (1999) $25,000 into $217,875.....Corn (2002) $5,000 into $47,000.....S&P 500 (1998) $24,000 into $1,025,750.....Crude Oil (2002) Gains of over $16,000 per contract.....Sugar (2000) $6,400 into $82,200.....Soybeans (2002) $12,000 into $125,400.....Silver (2002) $10,000 into $44,800.....Orange Juice (2001) $11,000 to $72,000.....Gold (1999) $8,500 into $148,400.....Lean Hogs (2002) $14,000 into $179,600.....Unleaded Gas (2002) $25,000 into $194,040

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