[SciPy-dev] Error in stats/discrete.lyx

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Jan 27 10:37:12 CST 2003

> While writing the unit tests for the discrete distributions I looked a
> little in discrete.lyx to fresh up my memory on some of the
> distributions. And there seems to be an error in the section on negative
> binomial distribution. It says "..can be defined as the number of
> independent trials required to accumulate a total of n successes" which
> gives a valid range for k as k>=n. However, I always thought it was the
> number of failures before reaching n success and hence k>=0. The result
> from stats.nbinom seems to agree with me, it seldom generates numbers
> larger than n. I don't have a patch for this since the docs seems to be
> written with an old version of lyx that I don't have.

Thanks, I'll check on this.  I thought I was using the latest lyx version
(1.2.1)  Perhaps you meant a newer version of lyx?

Incidentally, the .lyx file is a text file with mathematics written using
standard LaTeX style.

So, you can edit the ascii file directly, if you'd like as well.


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