[SciPy-dev] testing.scipy.org

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Thu Jun 12 12:02:45 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I have just installed the latest Zope and CMF for the SciPy community 
portal.  This upgrade will make it easier to add new products to the 
portal (think ZWiki!), and will resolve some minor but annoying 
outstanding issues with the current installation.

I would like to test the new installation for a few days before making 
the final database transition and shutting down the old site.  To that 
end, I'd like to ask folks to have a look at the new site, login, create 
some content, browse around, and look for troubles.  Please keep in mind 
that when the testing is done, the database will be overwritten with the 
current live database, so don't create content that you don't expect to 
lose, as it /will/ go away during the final migration.  Right now the 
anticipated migration date is one week from today, on June 19th, unless 
serious problems are uncovered during the test period.

The URL for the test Zope is:


Please let me know if you spot any problems.

PS-To those folks who have ZMI access to either the SciPy CMF instance, 
or the SciPy Zope root folder, please be aware that modifying CMF 
content within the ZMI is incompatible with the new Zope/CMF version. 
New content should be published using the CMF interfaces (all recent 
content has been created this way, so I don't think this will be a 
problem, but there was some older content that was broken in this way so 
I thought it worth mentioning).

Joe Cooper <joe at enthought.com>

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