[SciPy-dev] Asking about aplication GA's on root finding

Huang Wen Long lung101 at cyberlib.itb.ac.id
Mon Mar 3 21:31:31 CST 2003

Dear sir,

My name is Saiman, I am an undergraduate student at Institute Bandung of
Technology (ITB), west-java , Indonesia. I take mathematics course and now
is my final year. 

Now I am taking a subject called Mathematical Modelling which the students
devided into groups and each group handle one project. While doing our
project, we are facing a problem to solve system of non-linear equations
such as : - F1(x,y,z) = z*exp(2*x) + z*y 
          - F2(x,y,z) = x^2 +3*x*y^2
We have tried to solve the problem using conventional/analytical methods
such as Newton's Method and its variant, but they failed to converge. Our
conclusion about the failure is that maybe we are unable to determine the
suitable initial points so that they can't converge. Then our advisor
introduce us to Genetic Algorithms. While searching on internet, we found
that GA's is used widely in optimization. 

At this occasion we would like to ask if there is possibility GA's can
be aplied to our problem and how. Also, what refferences related to
the problem should we have ?

Thank you for the time and we are looking forward for your comments.


nb. I found your email add while searching on internet, in a millist
    discussing about GA's and root finding.

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