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Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Fri Mar 7 07:00:30 CST 2003

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Subject: [Scipy-cvs] CVSROOT modules,1.39,1.40

Update of /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT
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Created scipy_core module that bundles scipy_test and scipy_distutils.

This is the first step for implementing suggestions in
about refining scipy distributing process.

Basically, there are two distinct usages of scipy:
1) using scipy as one big package,
2) using only certain parts of scipy, e.g. using weave, linalg, fftpack,
special, etc. packages as standalone packages.
Currently installation process for the case 1) is as follows:
  0. Install scipy prerequisities: f2py2e(scipy_distutils), [atlas, fftw]
  1. cvs checkout scipy
  2. setup_scipy_core.py install
  3. setup_scipy.py install
And installation process for 2), say for linalg, is
  0. Install linalg prerequisities: f2py2e(scipy_distutils), [atlas/blas/lapack]
  1. cvs checkout scipy_core
  2. setup_scipy_core.py install
  3. cvs checkout scipy_base
  4. setup_scipy_base.py install
  5. cvs checkout scipy/linalg
  6. setup_linalg.py install
IMO, the installation processe for 2) should be simpler. This could be
achived by moving also scipy_base under scipy_core.  Are there any objections?

We could aim even simpler installation process for xxx:
  0. Install xxx prerequisities.
  1. cvs checkout xxx
  2. setup_xxx.py install
where xxx can be either scipy or one of its subpackages. However, to achive this
some scipy CVS reorganization is required. 
The questions is: are you willing to put up some temporary inconvinience and pain 
that this reorganization might cause?
Here follows what I have in mind. The CVSROOT/modules file would contain:

scipy_core	world/scipy_core

scipy	world/scipy
weave	world/scipy/weave
linalg	world/scipy/linalg
fftpack	world/scipy/fftpack
gui_thread      world/scipy/gui_thread
chaco    world/chaco
kiva     world/kiva
traits   world/traits
freetype world/freetype

scipy_all	&scipy &scipy_core
weave_all	&weave &scipy_core
linalg_all	&linalg &scipy_core
fftpack_all	&fftpack &scipy_core
chaco_all world/chaco_setup setup.py &chaco &traits &kiva &freetype &weave &gui_thread &scipy_core

 - world/scipy_core contains scipy_base, scipy_test, scipy_distutils; moved
   here from world/scipy if required (I am not sure that when defining

scipy_core	world/scipy/scipy_base world/scipy/scipy_test world/scipy/scipy_distutils

will not cause some CVS conflicts).


Index: modules
RCS file: /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT/modules,v
retrieving revision 1.39
retrieving revision 1.40
diff -C2 -d -r1.39 -r1.40
*** modules	12 Feb 2003 01:22:24 -0000	1.39
--- modules	7 Mar 2003 13:33:13 -0000	1.40
*** 28,31 ****
--- 28,34 ----
  scipy_distutils 	world/scipy/scipy_distutils
  scipy_test 	world/scipy/scipy_test
+ scipy_core	&scipy_distutils &scipy_test
  compiler 	world/scipy/compiler
  weave 	world/scipy/weave

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