[SciPy-dev] ATT: scipy CVS repository changes

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Fri Mar 7 09:30:40 CST 2003

I am going to make the following changes to scipy CVS repository:

1) Move scipy_distutils, scipy_test, scipy_base from world/scipy to
2) In CVSROOT/modules use

scipy_core world/scipy_core
scipy_base      world/scipy_core/scipy_base
scipy_distutils         world/scipy_core/scipy_distutils
scipy_test      world/scipy_core/scipy_test
scipy    world/scipy &scipy_base &scipy_distutils &scipy_test

If you have any commits to one of the folowing modules:

  scipy_distutils, scipy_test, scipy_base

then make them now or backup changed files and later after
updating your local scipy cvs tree, replace the corresponding files
with your modified ones and commit.

Unless someone will say stop to these actions, I'll start at
  Fri Mar  7 10:30:00 CST 2003

The current line in CVSROOT/modules:

scipy_core      world/scipy setup_scipy_core.py &scipy_distutils &scipy_test

defines scipy_core module that will have the same root as scipy. The
checkout of scipy_core works fine but update in scipy_core will cause
checking out the whole scipy.



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