[SciPy-dev] RE: [Scipy-cvs] CVSROOT modules,1.39,1.40

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Fri Mar 7 10:15:11 CST 2003

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, eric jones wrote:

> Here are a couple of other suggestions:
> 1)
> If we're going to have a huge reorg of CVS, should we go ahead and make
> it possible to import/test scipy from the top level of the scipy
> sandbox?  Seems this causes many people to trip up.

This would mean moving all scipy packages (at least those that contain
extension modules) to some scipy subdirectory, say, lib. This is to
prevent importing those packages when importing scipy from its source

Hmm, there might be also people who checkout scipy to their home
and then try to import scipy while being in home directory.
One cure for this is to rename world/scipy to something else. 
Or better yet, people should checkout scipy using scipy_all instead of
scipy, this should be mentioned in "Using CVS".

> 2)
> Move the Chaco files into SciPy.  Chaco is getting pretty dang close to
> ready for public consumption, and I don't see much harm in putting it in
> 0.2.  Further, it will be the plotting library for all SciPy versions >
> 0.2.  We can still have a separate chaco_all module using the tricks in
> CVSROOT/modules.  Here is what I suggest:
> chaco    world/chaco    -> world/scipy/chaco
> kiva     world/kiva     -> world/scipy/kiva
> traits   world/traits   -> world/scipy/traits
> freetype world/freetype -> -> world/scipy/freetype
> Is it possible to do this in the repository without loosing history by
> moving the directories?  Dave, does this break anything you have set up?

I think just adding 

  &chaco &kiva &trains &freetype

to scipy line in CVSROOT/modules should be enough, nothing will be lost


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