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eric jones eric at enthought.com
Mon Mar 10 14:11:18 CST 2003

Hey Travis,

I just tried xplt out in the new CVS on Win XP, and it worked great for
a single plot.  If I close the plot window and try to plot something
again, it doesn't bring up a new plot.  When I then tried xplt.figure(),
it seg-faulted.

Any ideas?


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> I have recently discovered the PyGist has undergone some changes while
> we've been using it in SciPy.
> Part of these changes have led it to be available on Windows!!!!
> Given that to compile SciPy on Windows we need the same tools required
> to compile and use PyGist on Windows, I am very willing to make the
> modifications to xplt necessary to get it to compile and be useful to
> the windows user.
> This will provide a fast and very capable plotting package that while
> missing a couple of the bells and whistles of the eventually delivered
> chaco package, will allow users to produce publication quality plots
> immediately under current SciPy.
> I think this is very important for the further dissemination of SciPy.
> Some may get concerned that we will spend too many resources making
> workable to only through it away in the end.   I think this will not
> happen because PyGist is so fast and easy to use.
> I fear that we are losing potential users because we are not
> a consistent and very useable (if not perfect) plotting package for
> SciPy.  Because PyGist now works on all platforms and it is very full
> featured there is no reason not to provide it in all binaries of
> -Travis O.
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