[SciPy-dev] --prefix not being accepted by setup.py now?

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Tue Mar 11 12:55:31 CST 2003

Hey Travis,

It looks like --prefix is working.  Thanks.

A few other things:

I noticed that the xplt stuff is getting built with cc instead of gcc.
Is this intentional?  Shouldn't we use the same compiler throughout as
the change will have meaning on systems with multiple compilers

The xplt files seem to be rebuilt everytime I run setup.py, even if they
have been previously built.

The xplt stuff doesn't build on Sun, but I'm getting a different error.
I've attached the output.


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> Trying to be a bit to clever, with a hack.
> It should work now.
> -Travis O.
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