[SciPy-dev] ImageMagick and chaco

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Mar 12 03:36:48 CST 2003

Hi group,

I've been playing a bit with ImageMagick and have noticed that it has an 
extensive API for drawing into images.

The API looks like it has been inspired by Display Postscript.

It would seem that chaco could use ImageMagick at it's core to support 
output to any number of devices.

There is a Python Interface to ImageMagick now, but it requires the 
boost library.

I'm working on an interface that is more basic and does not require boost.

It would seem that at the very least, ImageMagick would be a good 
backend to target for chaco (as it opens up the door for a whole range 
of file formats).

You can check out the vector drawing api in Image Magick at


-Travis O.

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