[SciPy-dev] xplt, drawing-time...

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Mar 12 19:18:27 CST 2003

Kasper Souren wrote:

>>Give me an example of what you want to do, and I can probably do it.
>Hmm, can I also make use of your offer? ;)
>I like imagesc, but I want the window to be bigger (or better: resizable) and 
>a possibility to have actions for the clicks would be extremely cool.
>And the zooming is a bit weird. It would be nicer to be able to define a 
>rectangle by
This is the default gist behavior.  I won't be changing it any time 
soon. You could have a look if you want.

>- click and hold
>- move to other point

>- release

You could set up a mouse command to do this using gist but it would 
block input waiting for you to finish your zooming.

>Also, there's a little bug. If I do an imagesc_cb for the first time, there 
>are lots of black parts, where it should it in fact be white. The second time 
>it's gone.

Did you get a latest reslease.  This problem for me disappeared when I 
changed the maxcolors in Mplot.py to 256 from the default 200.

Quite a bit can be done with gist if you are diligent.


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