[SciPy-dev] xplt, drawing-time...

Kasper Souren Kasper.Souren at ircam.fr
Thu Mar 13 07:41:28 CST 2003

> You could set up a mouse command to do this using gist but it would
> block input waiting for you to finish your zooming.

Is it already be possible to do this kind of stuff in chaco? imagesc with 
interactive zooming and event triggering?

> Did you get a latest reslease.  This problem for me disappeared when I
> changed the maxcolors in Mplot.py to 256 from the default 200.

I (and Emacs) can't find "maxcolors" in my Mplot.py. And I don't feel like 
testing it now, or is the cvs considered okay again?

> Quite a bit can be done with gist if you are diligent.

Ok. What docs are you using for Gist? I found some stuff, but it wasn't clear 
to me which one is best for doing pyGist stuff.


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