[SciPy-dev] xplt, drawing-time...

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Mar 13 12:17:32 CST 2003

>I (and Emacs) can't find "maxcolors" in my Mplot.py. And I don't feel like 
>testing it now, or is the cvs considered okay again?

The CVS should be fine now.

# These lines should be in your file to fix the imagesc problem
_dpi = 75
_hold = 0

# This changes _maxcolors to 256 which is set at 200 internally.

>Ok. What docs are you using for Gist? I found some stuff, but it wasn't clear to me which one is best for doing pyGist stuff.

There are docs from the old LLNL Release.  You could also look at Yorick 
plotting documentation because gist comes from there.  Michiel Hoon has 
some docs on his page that are an adaptation of Lawrence Livermore Docs.

I use xplt.ghelp('plg')  for example to bring up a pager (i.e. like more 
or less) on gist commands.

You could also do

help(xplt) to get pydoc to give you a list of commands (some of these 
will be gist commands).  

Chaco is heading in the right direction and I'm very enthused by its 
progress.  The purpose of xplt is a stop-gap to give you the ability to 
plot and make graphs today.  Ultimately you can make any plot with xplt 
(gist) but you won't be able to do many interactive kinds of things 
especially with widgets.  There is limited support for interactive 
plotting that you can probably stretch quite a ways (look at the legend 
command for an example of what I've done with it, for example), but it 
won't ever be a graphics package like chaco.

-Travis O.


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