[SciPy-dev] setup.py vs. setup_foo.py

Eric Jones eric at enthought.com
Sun Mar 23 03:53:02 CST 2003

David Ascher <davida at ActiveState.com> wrote ..
> Travis N. Vaught wrote:
> >Weave is used to wrap the freetype library
> >  
> >
> Fair enough.
> What's the status of the use of freetype at this point?  I'd like to 
> update the PIL backend to use it when it becomes "not too hard". =)

I don't think it is that hard at this point -- it builds on the windows, linux, and MacOS machines here without issue.  The downside is that it still has some rendering flaws and it is slower than necessary.  I plan on fixing these things the week after PyCon, so waiting till then is propbably worth while.


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