[SciPy-dev] ATLAS version and failures inscipy.test()

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Thu Nov 27 14:03:47 CST 2003

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Pearu Peterson wrote:

> > I switched back to ATLAS3.4.1  
> > http://www.cs.utk.edu/~rwhaley/ATLAS/errata3.4.1.html#rLLt 
> Yes, I found that too. I'll fix it in scipy CVS soon.

It turns out that the failures in scipy tests that occur with Atlas
versions higher than 3.4.1 are related to Atlas bugs. I have contacted
Clint regarding this and he has opened the corresponding Atlas bug issue:


Until potrf routines get gets fixed in Atlas, scipy.linalg uses Fortran 
version of zpotrf function (which actually should call Atlas routine 
clapack_zpotrf, so there should be no remarkable performance hit because 
of that). And it is OK to use any version of ATLAS with scipy again.


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