[SciPy-dev] Re: [SciPy-user] MatrixMarket I/O Functions for scipy

Nils Wagner wagner.nils at vdi.de
Fri Nov 28 02:03:56 CST 2003

Hi Nils, 
On Thursday 27 Nov 2003 1:37 pm, Nils Wagner wrote: 
> Afaik, there exists only a Fortran routine for this purpose. 
>  http://math.nist.gov/~KRemington/mmio/mmiof77.html 
	Since the source code is available, it is (fairly) trivial to 
wrap the  
f77 code using f2py and g77. This will allow you to call said 
from within python (+scipy). 
	May I recommend you read the f2py tutorial? It is to be found 
	Best luck 
Hi Jose, 
A google search on Python MatrixMarket yields 
It should not be stand-alone solution for myself. 
I guess, many users will benefit from the feature 
(I/O of matrices in MatrixMarket or Harwell-Boeing format), if 
it becomes a part of scipy. 
Any suggestion ? 
BTW, the Harwell-Boeing seems to be supported by scipy 
How can I invoke this function in scipy ? 
A small example is appreciated. 
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