[SciPy-dev] Re: Failures in current CVS version

Berthold Höllmann bhoel at web.de
Wed Oct 1 16:06:21 CDT 2003

Pearu Peterson <pearu at scipy.org> writes:

> On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Berthold Höllmann wrote:
>> Items are not equal:
>> DESIRED: (1.0, 0.0)
>> ACTUAL: (0.99999999999999989, 0.0)
> What ATLAS version are you using?

/usr/local/bin/python -c "import atlas_version"
ATLAS version 3.4.1

>> on install I found the messages:
>> ...
>>   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/kiva/agg/graphics_context.swig.py", line 1
>>     %pythoncode {
>>     ^
>> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> That's a known issue but has no harm on using scipy.

But when you try to upgrade Python with the same minor version number
(e.g. 2.3->2.3.1) the installation processes fails because it tries to
compile all .py files and the it fails on these. The problem is hard
to find because the compilation process does not abort immidiately but
only after all pending file are handeled, so you have to scroll
through lots of output


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