[SciPy-dev] Formal Review Process

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Tue Sep 23 12:11:25 CDT 2003

Hi Robert,

>>>>> "RK" == Robert Kern <kern at ugcs.caltech.edu> writes:

    RK> At both SciPy conferences, Eric emphasized the need for a
    RK> peer-review process for potential contributions to SciPy. I
    RK> recalled that the Boost community established a formal review
    RK> process for contributions to their set of libraries, and it
    RK> seems to work well for them. I got bored of writing a history
    RK> paper, so I looked at their process and wrote up a proposal
    RK> for SciPy (liberally using parts of the Boost documents where
    RK> noted).

Nice!  Just one suggestion.  You probably need to mention that the
code must be released under the BSD licence in order to be considered.
I guess the MIT and the Python license are also fine but I don't know
what exactly the official stance of the SciPy community is on this.


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