[SciPy-dev] Resolving win 32 problems

Ted Bach tbach at bu.edu
Thu Apr 8 12:48:51 CDT 2004

Dear Scipy Developers,

I am considering using scipy as a foundation and helper package for  
my own SIMP/STEP (http://pm.bu.edu/step) software for cellular automata 
and lattice gas experiments.  The scipy environment would be helpful 
in providing rendering and viewing capabilities, allowing external 
compilation of fast routines via weave, as well as providing auxilary 
libraries for plotting statistics gathered from long simulations.

I have been quite impressed with scipy on Linux, however, an important 
aspect of my choice is Win32 compatability.   Unfortunately, I have not 
been able to get any of the Win32 binaries to work at all.  For example,
simply importing scipy causes a crash!  (On Windows XP with python2.3
and SciPy-0.2.1_260.4162.win32-py2.3.exe and 

I have seen several reports that the Windows release has not been 
working (on the Bug Tracker) and  have begun to wonder how far the project 
has drifted from Windows compatability and whether the problems are 
serious.  Are there plans to fix these problems in the near future?

Since I am quite keen to use scipy and potentially integrate my software 
with it down the road, I would be happy to spend some time trying to 
address these issues myself if someone can point me to the current 
suspected problems and the strategy (if it exists) for overcoming them.  



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