[SciPy-dev] Resolving win 32 problems

Brett G. Olivier bgoli at sun.ac.za
Thu Apr 8 13:33:08 CDT 2004

Hi Ted

I'm not a Scipy developer, but currently use Scipy for development on both
win2k and linux. Personally I've found the best way is to build everything
from scratch (from the SciPy CVS source) using a combination of MinGW and
Cygwin. Pearu Peterson has excellent instructions on using Cygwin/MinGW to
build scipy at:


Other possibilities are also to use Cygwin to build Atlas+Lapack (which is
a once of thing) and then MinGW (with gcc 3.3.3+) for building
Numeric/SciPy etc. My experience has been that recent (cvs) versions of 
SciPy are all  windows/linux friendly, but I'd suggest building from
source and then evaluating the situation.

Best regards

Ted Bach wrote:

> I have seen several reports that the Windows release has not been
working (on the Bug Tracker) and  have begun to wonder how far the
project has drifted from Windows compatability and whether the problems
are serious.  Are there plans to fix these problems in the near future?
> Since I am quite keen to use scipy and potentially integrate my software
with it down the road, I would be happy to spend some time trying to
address these issues myself if someone can point me to the current
suspected problems and the strategy (if it exists) for overcoming them.
> Cheers,
> Ted

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