[SciPy-dev] Resolving win 32 problems

Travis N. Vaught travis at enthought.com
Thu Apr 8 15:07:25 CDT 2004

Ted Bach wrote:

>Dear Scipy Developers,
>I am considering using scipy as a foundation and helper package for  
>my own SIMP/STEP (http://pm.bu.edu/step) software for cellular automata 
>and lattice gas experiments.  The scipy environment would be helpful 
>in providing rendering and viewing capabilities, allowing external 
>compilation of fast routines via weave, as well as providing auxilary 
>libraries for plotting statistics gathered from long simulations.
>I have been quite impressed with scipy on Linux, however, an important 
>aspect of my choice is Win32 compatability.   Unfortunately, I have not 
>been able to get any of the Win32 binaries to work at all.  For example,
>simply importing scipy causes a crash!  (On Windows XP with python2.3
>and SciPy-0.2.1_260.4162.win32-py2.3.exe and 
This is the point where I typically recommend using the Python 
Distribution that Enthought puts out:


It includes scipy and many other useful pieces, and, most importantly, 
installs and works out of the box.

>I have seen several reports that the Windows release has not been 
>working (on the Bug Tracker) and  have begun to wonder how far the project 
>has drifted from Windows compatability and whether the problems are 
>serious.  Are there plans to fix these problems in the near future?
There will soon be another tagged release of scipy (version 0.3) within 
a week or two and we'll make sure the windows binaries are working.  
Others may be able to provide more immediate help with your specific 

>Since I am quite keen to use scipy and potentially integrate my software 
>with it down the road, I would be happy to spend some time trying to 
>address these issues myself if someone can point me to the current 
>suspected problems and the strategy (if it exists) for overcoming them.  
We welcome any help you may be able to provide--I'll try to take a look 
at the latest build and see what's happening.  BTW, we plan to refactor 
the creaking scipy.org site and announce a new plone-based site soon, so 
help in the areas of documentation and platform testing would be greatly 
appreciated.  We'll include a release plan/strategy as well, to try to 
identify and get feedback on areas where future development will 

Thanks for the interest.

Travis (Vaught)

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