[SciPy-dev] releasing scipy..

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Mon Apr 19 18:34:36 CDT 2004

Travis N. Vaught wrote:

> I'll go ahead and checkout against the tag and rebuild the windows 
> binaries--that's a push-button operation.  Joe, what's the level of 
> effort for the RPM's?

Relatively low.  I'm rebuilding for Fedora Core 1 ASAP, anyway, so 
rerolling the RH9 RPMs is little trouble.

> Joe, we should make sure we're not in debug mode--not sure what else 
> could be causing it...I did a recent restart of the zope process when I 
> added the LocalFS tool.  As long as we're not in swap, the memory issue 
> shouldn't kill performance, should it?

I don't think it is on by default, but I'm restarting Zope with 
debug-mode turned off explicitly.  We'll see if it brings the size down 
a bit.

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