[SciPy-dev] Correcting documentation on the site?

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Wed Apr 28 00:47:54 CDT 2004

Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

>>>>>>"JC" == Joe Cooper <joe at enthought.com> writes:
>    JC> Pearu Peterson wrote:
>    >> On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
>    >>> For a while, I've been meaning to edit the "Performance Python
>    >>> with Weave" article and make corrections/modifications.
>    >>>
>    >>> http://www.scipy.org/documentation/weave/weaveperformance.html
>    >>
>    >>
>    >> I have added you to the list of managers (not sure if this is
>    >> the correct role..) of this page. Try again to edit document.
>    JC> I think we're all still trying to figure out how to give
>    JC> members the rights they need to make improvements to the
>    JC> site...  One of these days we'll probably get the Plone
>    JC> workflow model figured out.  Prabhu, if you have trouble doing
>    JC> what you need to do, let me know, and I'll see if I can get
>    JC> you the permissions you need.
>Great!  Thanks everyone for the help.  I am able to edit the page.
>For now I've added new versions of the sources and updated the links
>on the page.  I've tested the examples on my version of weave and it
>works fine.
>The only trouble is that weave has changed a bit since I wrote the
>article and some of the syntax is wrong currently.  Editing that is
>going to be a pain since right now its all HTML.  I'll need to
>re-write it as structured text.  I'll get to that when I have some
>time.  For now the links to the examples should work and the source
>code itself will work correctly with the latest weave.
>Eric, the Py::new_reference_to(...) is no longer valid.  The interface
>for handling non-blitzed Numeric arrays has also changed.  The
>existing weave docs use it and so do the current examples.  I believe
>this has all changed quite a bit.  Any chance you can update the weave
>docs?  If that is not possible can you atleast send in a small update
>of what has changed and where.  I could try to update the docs next
>month (after submission of the PhD).  I also need to mention that VTK
>support is already there.  I have a few questions on that but I'll ask
>them later.
I can't get to this right now.  But, we will get it cleaned up as soon 
as possible.  Thanks for the pointers on things that need to be fixed.


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