[SciPy-dev] Correcting documentation on the site?

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Wed Apr 28 13:42:19 CDT 2004

>>>>> "EJ" == eric jones <eric at enthought.com> writes:

    EJ> Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
    >> Eric, the Py::new_reference_to(...) is no longer valid.  The
    >> interface for handling non-blitzed Numeric arrays has also
    >> changed.  The existing weave docs use it and so do the current
    >> examples.  I believe this has all changed quite a bit.  Any
    >> chance you can update the weave docs?  If that is not possible
    EJ> I can't get to this right now.  But, we will get it cleaned up
    EJ> as soon as possible.  Thanks for the pointers on things that
    EJ> need to be fixed.

Here is a slightly longer list of things in that case.  I'm sure you
know better than me but just in case you forget here is a list. :)

 0. These links in the TOC are broken:



  http://www.scipy.org/documentation/weave/weaveusersguide.html#Customizing Conversions 

 1. The Py:: namespace is gone and anything related to that needs to
    be updated appropriately.  From what I can tell SCXX is used by
    default now which changes the docs all over the place.

 2. Py::new_reference_to is also gone and its not clear what one
    should do to return a float/int or even a user defined type.

 3. Using non-blitz arrays is not documented.  From what I can see
    this is what the user needs to know:

      # Python
      a = Numeric.ones(10, 'd')
      # Inlined C
      int* Na = a_array->dimensions; // a.shape
      int* Sa = a_array->strides; // strides
      int Da = a_array->nd; // number of dimensions
      double* a (double*) u_array->data; // the actual data.

 4. The type_factories keyword arg to inline is gone it is now called
    type_converters.  The keyword list probably needs to be checked as
    well.  The section on "Customizing Conversions" mentions that the
    default converters are in ext_tools.py.  They are actually in

 5. VTK and swig2 support need to be documented.  I would not mind
    writing these sections when I get some time.  I'll let you know
    when this does happen.

 6. Examples and possibly tests need to be updated.


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