[SciPy-dev] Re[2]: [SciPy-user] Re: plot_func

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Aug 5 22:15:05 CDT 2004

Alan G Isaac wrote:

>On Thu, 05 Aug 2004, Matt Kubilus apparently wrote:
>>I hacked into the pyPlot.py
>>module and added a function that essentially just sends a command to the
>>hidden function that actually calls the plotting routines.  This allowed me
>>to use the full functionality of gnuplot which can to way more than just
>>what scipy.gplt does.
>Yes, I did the same.
>To pyPlot.py I added:
>    def replot(self,cmd=''):
>        self._replot(cmd)
>To interface.py I added:
>def replot(cmd=''):
>	_validate_active()
>	_active.replot(cmd)
>This seems to work fine.
>(Clue me in if it is a bad approach.)
>Since I want to use SciPy in teaching,
>this is really pointless unless the developers
>say they will implement it.  I cannot ask
>students to do such things: they need to use
>the software as downloaded.
>Clearly users want this.
>Can we hear from a developer please?
>Or can someone tell me if there is a process
>for submitting such changes.
I'm not sure who is using pyPlot (it was something of a stop-gap) and I 
would highly recommend using matplotlib at this point.  There may be a 
case for including it in the Enthon distribution but Enthought would 
have to comment on that.  I'm still using xplt heavily (on Linux mostly) 
and so I know it works there.

Changes to SciPy are always welcome.  If you just have a few you can 
post bug reports at
http://www.scipy.net/roundup/scipy/index   --- you might want to post on 
scipy-dev as well if it's a serious bug.

Patches, or code-snippets that fix the problem are always appreciated 
and can be sent to scipy-dev at scipy.org

General complaints are also welcome and will be attended to as soon as a 
developer gets time.  If you would like to become a developer, don't 
hesitate to ask about getting CVS access so you can make changes directly.

-Travis O.

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