[SciPy-dev] OpenCD

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Sun Dec 12 21:02:44 CST 2004

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Cooper <joe at enthought.com> writes:

    Joe> Maybe with the next release coming in the next week or so, we
    Joe> should just focus on getting out the word to the folks who
    Joe> would have a real interest in it who may not be familiar with
    Joe> it, and making sure they are able to get it easily.

What might be nice would be for enthought to press a CD release for
it, and charge a nominal fee ($10-15?) to recover some of the cost you
put into the thing.  I've converted a former adviser to using python
plus the standard goodies in a course he is teaching in place of
matlab.  95% of his students are win32.  I suggested enthon to him but
he was put off by the download size, so there might be a small market
for a CD.

Granted, any semi-literate person could simply download and burn it
themselves, but we shouldn't overestimate literacy in the wild.  For
people like my adviser, he would probably rather order 15 copies for
his next course rather than figure out how to download it and burn it.
But I suspect he is an exception case: I sometimes refer to him as the
only Luddite I know with a cluster of Sun workstations.


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