[SciPy-dev] CVS scipy.test() segfaulting on me on a Fedora2 box

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Tue Dec 21 20:35:51 CST 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Fernando Perez wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just updated to current CVS of f2py/scipy and Numeric 23.6, to try to root 
> out some problems I was encountering with scipy.test().  Now I'm having a 
> different problem, scipy is segfaulting on me :)
> I've narrowed it down to this:
> planck[pylab]> python -c 'import scipy;scipy.lib.lapack.test(verbosity=2)'
>   !! No test file 'test_flapack.py' found for <module 
> 'scipy.lib.lapack.flapack' from '...es/scipy/lib/lapack/flapack.so'>
>   !! No test file 'test_clapack.py' found for <module 
> 'scipy.lib.lapack.clapack' from '...es/scipy/lib/lapack/clapack.so'>
>  Found 78 tests for scipy.lib.lapack
>   !! No test file 'test_calc_lwork.py' found for <module 
> 'scipy.lib.lapack.calc_lwork' from '...scipy/lib/lapack/calc_lwork.so'>
>  Found 0 tests for __main__
> check_gebal (scipy.lib.lapack.test_lapack.test_flapack_complex) ... ok
> check_heev (scipy.lib.lapack.test_lapack.test_flapack_complex)Segmentation 
> fault

Todd had similar problem and my response:

Second, some gcc Fortran compilers produce incorrect code when using
-O3 optimization flag and there have been reports that they cause
segfaults in heev tests.
See the get_flags_opt method in scipy_distutils/gnufcompiler.py and
replace the line

   if self.get_version()=='3.3.3':


   if self.get_version()<='3.3.3':

Do `rm -rf build` and rebuild scipy.

Note that if this issue is related to g77 optimization bug then you should
also rebuild Fortran lapack library (that used in completing atlas lapack
library) with -O2 flag and before rebuilding scipy.

seemed to help him. Todd was using gcc 3.2.2.

> Other calls to complex routines also appear to segfault, though I didn't test 
> too many more.  I wonder if anyone knows what may be going on here.  This 
> machine has in the past run successfully all scipy tests, and I did not 
> change my ATLAS installation.

These are new tests, so the issue were not discovered before.


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