[SciPy-dev] CVS scipy.test() segfaulting on me on a Fedora2 box

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Dec 21 20:56:09 CST 2004

Hi Pearu,

Pearu Peterson schrieb:

> Todd had similar problem and my response:
> """
> Second, some gcc Fortran compilers produce incorrect code when using
> -O3 optimization flag and there have been reports that they cause
> segfaults in heev tests.
> See the get_flags_opt method in scipy_distutils/gnufcompiler.py and
> replace the line
>    if self.get_version()=='3.3.3':
> with
>    if self.get_version()<='3.3.3':
> Do `rm -rf build` and rebuild scipy.
> Note that if this issue is related to g77 optimization bug then you should
> also rebuild Fortran lapack library (that used in completing atlas lapack
> library) with -O2 flag and before rebuilding scipy.
> """
> seemed to help him. Todd was using gcc 3.2.2.

Well, I'm using 3.3.3, so the code is already building with -02 only.  I 
hardcoded this change (for 3.3.3) to plain -O instead, and this thing 
segfaults all the same.  However, I did NOT rebuild ATLAS/LAPACK myself, I'm 
using those from the scipy ATLAS binaries page.

Oh well, I'm switching to FC3 very soon, so I'll report again if the problem 
persists there.  For now it's not an issue for me, since I don't need those 
routines.  I figured I'd let you guys know about it, at least.

Regards, and many thanks for the help,


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