[SciPy-dev] CVS scipy.test() segfaulting on me on a Fedora2 box

Charles Harris charles.harris at sdl.usu.edu
Wed Dec 22 09:36:06 CST 2004


I've got the reorganized version from cvs and still don't get a segfault using the distro BLAS and gcc 3.4.2.

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Charles Harris wrote:
> Hi Fernando,
> Am I missing something? I don't get scipy.lib when I install from cvs, so I
> am wondering if something has changed and I need to checkout scipy again?

I did a fresh checkout, b/c I recalled hearing about a discussion on a 
directory reorg.  Since CVS sucks so badly with layout operations, I played it 
safe and did a clean checkout.

> Anyway, scipy.linalg.lapack.flapack.cheev(a) runs fine here on Fedora Core
> 3, but I am using the blas libraries that came with the distro. Is Atlas to
> be preferred to blas?

ATLAS provides a tuned BLAS, optimized for your specific architecture.  The 
functionality is the same as that in Fedora's generic BLAS, but the 
performance is higher.



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