[SciPy-dev] specfun compile errors on windows

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Jan 19 13:04:15 CST 2004

Travis N. Vaught wrote:

>I finally have taken the time to look at our nightly builds of scipy for
>win32 and noticed that specfun is not compiling--as some have reported
>and a link to the threaded discussion is here:
>Specifically you get an 'internal compiler error' when you have -O3 set
>(using no optimization setting seems to work).
>I've tried it with gcc ~3.2 and it compiles fine but 3.2.3 and a 3.3.1
>(that comes with cygwin) were not able to compile it.

I went through this same process and discovered it as well. 

I will try to localize the error to one subroutine and submit it as a 
bug-report to the g77 people.

I agree that it is a pain to have to eliminate -O3 for one file.

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