[SciPy-dev] specfun compile errors on windows

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Jan 19 13:55:46 CST 2004

Pearu Peterson wrote:

>One possible workaround that might be worth to try is to separate the two 
>offending functions (RMN2L and ASWFB) in specfun.f to two different
>files (rmn2l.f and aswfb.f). Hopefully, g77 will compile them with -O3.
>If not, then at least the sizes of files are much smaller in order
>to find a workaround.
I have taken aswfb  out of the specfun file and now the rest of the 
specfun.f file compiles normally.  The extracted subroutine still gives 
the error which I will submit to the gcc bug database.

It would appear that it is -O3 and -funroll-loops flags together that 
give the problem (any other combination of the flags does not seem to 
reproduce the error for me).

What error are you getting on rmn21.f ?   I don't see any error there.

-Travis O.

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