[SciPy-dev] Re: scipy_distutils under cygwin using DF

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Fri Mar 26 09:45:19 CST 2004

On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, [ISO-8859-15] Berthold Höllmann wrote:

> I did a "cvs update" in scipy and "python setup.py install" in
> scipy_core but still get
> compling C sources
> C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -DDEBUG -DVISUAL_CPLUSPLUS -Ilib\SXFPyBase -I"f:\DATA\FBE\ESC\Devel\include" -Ibuild\src -Ic:\Python23\include -Ic:\Python23\PC /Tcbuild\src\lib\SXFPyBase\SXFPyBasemodule.c /Fobuild\temp.win32-2.3\Release\build\src\lib\SXFPyBase\SXFPyBasemodule.obj
> Could not locate executable "C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe"
> Executable "C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe" does not exist
> "C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe" /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -DDEBUG -DVISUAL_CPLUSPLUS -Ilib\SXFPyBase -I"f:\DATA\FBE\ESC\Devel\include" -Ibuild\src -Ic:\Python23\include -Ic:\Python23\PC /Tcbuild\src\lib\SXFPyBase\SXFPyBasemodule.c /Fobuild\temp.win32-2.3\Release\build\src\lib\SXFPyBase\SXFPyBasemodule.obj
> error: Command ""C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\BIN\cl.exe" /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -DDEBUG -DVISUAL_CPLUSPLUS -Ilib\SXFPyBase -I"f:\DATA\FBE\ESC\Devel\include" -Ibuild\src -Ic:\Python23\include -Ic:\Python23\PC /Tcbuild\src\lib\SXFPyBase\SXFPyBasemodule.c /Fobuild\temp.win32-2.3\Release\build\src\lib\SXFPyBase\SXFPyBasemodule.obj" failed with exit status 1
> make: *** [build] Error 1

Hmm, not sure what is going on here. Could you try running the 
exec_command.py tests? Just execute

  python exec_command.py

in scipy_distutils/ directory. There is a function test_svn() that I used 
to test exec_command on commands having spaces in their paths (`svn` just 
happened to be such a one in my system). You can play with

  python -c "from exec_command import *;exec_command(['DF','/what'])"

and the code starting at line #397 in exec_command.py to find out what is 
going on.

> My cygwin does find the DF executable:
> hoel at PC021358 ~/work/GLPy/test
> $ DF /what
> Compaq Visual Fortran Optimizing Compiler Version 6.1 (Update A)
> Copyright 2000 Compaq Computer Corp. All rights reserved.
> Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1-970-42A1L
> c:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\DF98\bin\decfor90.exe
> hoel at PC021358 ~/work/GLPy/test
> $ which DF
> /cygdrive/c/Programme/Microsoft Visual Studio/DF98/bin/DF

That's interesting. Try to replace the following line

  return exe

in find_executable() with

  return os.path.realpath(exe)


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